Budget/Affordability Calculator


As seen in my “Qualifying Buyer” series on YouTube!

Purchased and Used By Over 1000 Home Goal Homies!

How it works

    • An easy to use pre-made template where you insert your net and gross income.
    • Pre-made budget categories that can be easily modified.
    • A breakdown of what you qualify for and what you can afford.
    • A break down of all of your expenses and how it works with your current income.

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“The spreadsheet is awesome. Very easy to use. I like how it breaks down everything and you’re able to see what you can afford in different categories.” – Julian K 

Talking to a lender can be very effective, but the costs of a credit pull impact and the hours you spend on the phone and collecting documents may not be worth it when you are just trying to get an idea. This is a tool I created to show my client’s a visual representation of what monthly payment they could qualify for and what they should pay to make sense for their budget.

Most Lenders and Realtors will not take the time to coach you on your budget, so do yourself a favor and be the coach you will need.

My google sheets are always a work in progress and will continually upgrade them with your suggestions.



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