Timeline Calculator Tool


A google sheet prepackaged and ready for your use to help you with:

  • Figure out a general idea of your home buying timeline.
  • Get a visual representation of your time along with estimated time frames.
  • Easy to use and share.


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The first thing you need to have before you look at a single house is a solid understanding of what your home buying timeline is going to look like. This is why I always make sure to focus on this first when I do my consultation, hence why I created this tool! This tool has helped my clients get a visual representation of how their home buying timeline is going to be.

This is how it works:

  1. First, select what month you would like your first monthly payment to be.
  2. Select if you feel you will be a bit pickier than most if you are able to make a decision quickly.
  3. The sheet will automatically create a general outline of what your timeline will look like!

My google sheets are always a work in progress and will continually upgrade them with your suggestions.



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