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Wonderful. Amazing. So Worth It. These are words I have said many times when I eat tacos. Oh wait, this is about me? I was born in Mexico but was raised in the great state of Arizona. I grew up in the Maryvale area of Phoenix, AZ and although I tried to be a little cholo, I was always a weenie and opted to use my brain to succeed in life. As a kid I was forced to work for my dad’s construction business, which led to my hatred of physical labor and thus I became a real estate agent. 😁

I think I am being too honest but hey that’s what I am about. I have been licensed for almost 10 years and have been  making YouTube videos for about 3. I care deeply about people’s ability to achieve home ownership, and I am willing to fight for your right to. 

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Access my Collection of resources and tools to assist you in your home buying goals

A collection of my resources and tools that I have created
to assist you in your home buying goals.

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